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It's Cookie Caper Time!

The Rabbit Creek 6th graders need your help!


Rabbit Creek sixth graders are raising funds to support Sixth Grade Fun Day!  You can help by bringing a dozen (or equivalent*) homemade treats to school between 9 am Wednesday, November 2 and 3:45 pm Friday, November 4.

Treats will be auctioned off at the Christmas Towne Bazaar on November 5!

Instructions for treats:


1. Make delicious homemade treats!

2. Beautifully bundle a dozen (or equivalent*) of those treats, easy to see and ready to be sold! (Festive tins, reusable containers, colored cellophane, and ribbon help sell the product.)

3. Please label all treats with ingredients, ESPECIALLY if they are Gluten-free or have nuts!

4. Bring them to class or to the Font Office


* Equivalents:

12 cookies, bars, muffins, etc.

1 regular loaf or 2 small loaves

1 container of fudge (12 pieces)

1 cake

1 gift jar